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March 1st 2016 Tuesday Bluebird, doggies, Corked Wine Bar, school, wine notes

March 3, 2016

March 1st 2016 Tuesday

Chilly but SUNNY day. Welcome MARCH!
in like a LION!
We had a Bluebird of Happiness visit Ivyland today
getting the workout in before the crazy day starts
Sunbathing Doggies
Coworkers putting together wines for a tasting
Tasting today at Corked Wine Bar in Bethlehem

he said he would order next week, will keep you posted!

ran into Eamon a former Buyer of mine on the Street.
Now he sells BEER!
in Downtown Bethlehem I watched this cop go
on Poop patrol for his horse… was a big bag!
Visiting Apollo Grill voted best restaurant in town!

and now it is time for ITALIAN SCHOOL!
after driving about 200 miles for appointments,
then going to school… I came home to the task
of writing up Tasting Notes for Wednesday
appointments……woo hoo!******************************************

A good rest is half the work.

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