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Wednesday 3/2/16 guard dogs, Dino’s Backstage, Mainland Inn, LUCKY, leopard bag

March 5, 2016

Wednesday 3/2/16

our “guard dogs” in action.

This is what they were doing as I came in the back door.

Dino’s Backstage

A new venue opening in Glenside

the Cabaret Room
Wine Tasting with Dino’s

They love all our wines. Woo hoo!

another tasting today at Mainland Inn
Open kitchen. Cool Place.
LOVED the Shiraz/Viognier & Chablis
stopped in here to see Cody the owner
A visit to see LUCKY & friend Mary
a new spice that friend Mary turned me on to.

Hand-mixed from:
salt, freeze-dried shallots, chives, garlic,
onion and green peppercorns.

Get some, it rocks!


friend Kelli sent me a surprise gift.

An insulated leopard wine bag (or lunch tote)
Very Cool!!!

TY Kelli, so thoughtful of you!


The secret to being grateful is no secret.
You choose to be grateful.
Then you do it again and again.
Every day.
When you forget, begin again.

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