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Tuesday 3/8/16 Weasel, gym, Tavern on Pine, PHLX, Sonesta Hotel, Italian Class

March 12, 2016

Tuesday 3/8/16

Weasel giving me the
hitting the gym before the crazy day starts
the Vizsla Mobile getting some TLC.
It was dirty & needed a bath.I like to take her to Wheelworks where they
hand wash your car.

still trying to get in at Tavern on Pine.

It’s a cool space/place.
Still trying to get their act together.

our office the day after our Spirits tasting
Met up with friend Ryno from
the Philadelphia Stock Exchange (PHLX).I was picking up Easter Candy that a guy’s mom makes.
He works at PHLX with Ryno.
next stop was the Sonesta Hotel.
They have a wine bar that needs my help!
Last stop was World Cafe Live.
I do a little business there but not enough!
Italian Class tonight!

I’m learning a little bit but not as quickly as I would like.


On Your weakest days
you get a little bit stronger,
if you’re willing to learn.
Which is why,
sometimes the greatest thing
to come out of all your trouble
and hard work
isn’t what you get,
but what you become.

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