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3/9/16 Jesse financial advisor, Plumsteadville Inn, Piper Tavern, EASTON! wine

March 12, 2016


friend Carol at the gym was showing me how
her daughter decorates envelopes too, like I do.
Her daughter DOES DRAWINGS!
I’m not THAT creative!But I will try! Be on the lookout for mail from me!
Lunch with friend/financial advisor Jesse.

Need financial advice??? I have the guy for you!

tasty salad at Tony’s Ivyland
trying for new business at Pumsteadville Inn.
got a tasting Appointment next week!
tried to get in here but the lady buyer was
kind of mean to me. no reason for that, really!
be thankful for rude people
visit to Morgan Hill Golf Club. Nice views!
Saw four customers in Easton today.
It’s great to be able to walk from
place to place instead of driving everywhere.
now being served at Valenca in Easton!


“I have to accept
whatever comes my way,
and the only important thing is
that I meet it
with the best I have to give.”

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