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Saturday March 12th 2016 Michael & Judith, Freedom Dog Park, Steam Pub

March 13, 2016

Saturday March 12th 2016

friends Michael & Judith stopped by for a visit.
Such a gorgeous day!
Weasel supervising the “ant man” (pest control).

last year we had an ant problem so now we get
treated every quarter & have no problem.

Today we met a couple Vizslas at
in Medford, NJ. It was a hike to get there (an hour)
but worth it. It’s a 20 acre enclosed dog park!
With agility & ponds, streams, woods.
Really cool.

The dog park is HUGE!
Lou telling Weasel to GO!
Weasel & new friend Mason
To swim or not Swim?
This is how we get Muddy Paws!

See ALL the Dog Park pictures here:

why your dog is Happy 🙂
Bacon wrapped asparagus.

We ate at STEAM PUB tonight.
Michael had never been here.

We really liked it & look forward to going back!

STEAM is hooked up to Social Media.
If you post on UNTAPPD APP they post your check in.
Or if you Tweet or post on Instagram they stream that too.
It’s actually pretty cool!
This is WEASEL after a day at the dog park &
a bath too! One tired hound!



Welcome everyone
like your long lost best friend.

~Rich Gallagher

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