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Friday 3/11/16 Continental Tavern, Eagle “hunting”, TaxAccountant, Kitty Cafe,

March 13, 2016

Friday 3/11/16

HAPPY pug Friday!
Lunch at my customer Continental Tavern
with friend Denise (from High School!)
Denise’s friend gave us a Map of where to find EAGLES!
on the hunt for Eagles
I can see the nest because I know where it is.
We saw the mother too. She was in the nest.
NOT an Eagle. Just a cute duck picture.
Meeting with our Tax Accountant Tony!

He does a great job!
Anyone need an accountant??

We tried to go to the new Kitty Cafe but
unfortunately it was not yet open.You can come here, get a cup of coffee & adopt a cat!
Charred green beans a the Memphis Taproom.
Vizsla Statue I need brother Raymond to make for me!


You have all the time you need.
You always have.
You simply have to decide
how you want to use it.

~ Peter Shankman

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