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3/22/16 our house! dogs, Fred’s, wine tasting Sonesta Hotel, ItlianClass, birder

March 23, 2016


Our house on a Sunny Day!

We love living here! Want to be our neighbor?
Ask me HOW!

Weasel beating up Chester!
Weasel’s mom….. she got a Mohawk cut!
friend Joyce’s granddaughter using
the Famous HELEN MUG while at
Fred’s Breakfast Club.Everyone is allowed to use my mug,
they just have to send me a picture!
Wine Tasting at SONESTA hotel in Center City.

I don’t usually cover this territory but the buyer
is a friend of mine so I can have his account.

liked 5 of the 9. More than 1/2.
That’s good!
my Last Italian class was tonight.
I learned a lot but not as much
as I would have liked mostly bc
I didn’t invest the time.
these two….STILL sharing a bed! 06
neighbor Deb got to meet George L. Armistead.

He is author of :

American Birding Association Field Guide to Birds of Pennsylvania

If I wasn’t in Italian Class I could have met him too!


Contrary to popular belief, I love being home
“doing nothing”


Don’t break your back.
You can’t lift a thousand pounds all at once.
Yet you can easily lift one pound
a thousand times.
Tiny, repeated efforts will get you there.

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