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Wednesday March 23rd 2016 Chef Jean Pierre Cooking Class in Newtown, PA

March 26, 2016

Wednesday March 23rd 2016

see ALL the pictures from today’s adventure here:

Tonight we attended Jean Pierre’s cooking class.
We pretty much just eat & drink without paying
much attention to how he cooks.
A lot of prep work is done in advance.

We had no octi sharks tonight but we
did have some potty toes………..

Cooking class with friends Anthony, Debbie & Dean
Tonight’s Menu
Chef Jean Pierre in action
wine line up. all FRENCH tonight.
Sausage quiche, vegetable salsa, poached egg
me with the chef in younger years
Truffled Pasta, puff pastry with beef
Plate licking good!
our crew plus Deb’s ski club friends
Me & Eduardo the clean up guy

A person who is nice to you,
but rude to the waiter,
is not a nice person.
~ Dave Barry

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