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July 2016 the highlights

October 22, 2016

back by popular demand…… Picture of The Day….

JULY 2016 Highlights

Weasel. Still Cute as ever.

pulling a Princess Weasel Great Dog trick.
Using her “baby” as a pillow.

some if you might know this story – but others may not!

Bittersweet story….
we were at the ER vet saying “goodbye” to “Princess Weasel Great Dog” (our 14 yr old Vizsla) & at that exact moment I got a text message saying our new puppy 🐶 was being born…..
and now we have FUZZY WUZZY BABY WEASEL.

That’s her story.

Fun night out with old High School friends.

We’ve know each other for 42 years!!!!

Weasel had a play date with BLUE the Vizsla
we did the RUGGED MANIAC race.
and had FUN!Me, Jim, his wife Colleen & his sister Karen.

Jim must not have gotten the pink memo.

went to Cooking School at Jean Pierre’s in Newtown.

Do this.

we finally had a memorial service for my brother
MICHAEL who died last year.Service was held at
Washington Crossing National Cemetery.

gorgeous there.

caught up with old friend AMY from Wall Street Days.

woo hoo!!

then we were entertained at the gym by this guy.

I want what he was smoking!


Challenging. We finished.

ran into crazy Momma deer & her baby.

What a story!!!

Weasel continues to FROG HUNT. not catch.
2nd place. yesssss!

First would have been better…..

Some pursue happiness;
others create it.

  1. Carolyn Parrish permalink

    She is as cute as ever. So good to see her again.

    Sent from my iPad

  2. 2nd place is still pretty awesome!

    • helcha8 permalink

      Yes. 2nd is good! I keep getting YOUNG partners (1/2 my age!) It’s been working!

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