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August 2016 the highlights Volleyball, Hospital visits (one good, one not so)

November 13, 2016

August 2016

Atlantic City Volleyball tournament
partner Isabel & I came in SECOND!

(always a bridesmaid….. at least I am still playing!)

and we have a new DIEHL BABY (8/12/16)

meet Sawyer Joseph (prince charming…)

big sister Dani Rae meeting baby brother Sawyer
for the first time
Dani Rae, Sawyer & Mom 🙂
grass volleyball tournament…..
oops! ended up in the hospital with a torn calf muscle.

for the record….
I finished the game we were playing
when I got injured and
we were the first place team off our net…..

my leg, weasel & mike
friend Marguerite was my wine Sherpa for the week
after my injury. She drove me everywhere &
carried my wine bag too!
Dani Rae at the grange fair
Michael & Dani Rae on the slides!
and one of the highlights was a TY note from
friend Marguerite’s dad bc we took her to the ER
& stayed with her the whole time.*****************************************

Saying no can be positive.
Because it frees you
to focus on something
that makes a real difference.

~ Ralph Marston

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  1. Ouch! Your poor calf! I hope it is all healed up!

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