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8/26/15 National Dog Day, streaking, NEW HOUSE! Continental Tavern with Friends

August 27, 2015

See all the pictures from this FUN day HERE:


It’s National Dog Day!
Look how FUZZY Weasel is!

(picture from the other night)

It was a VERY LATE night but I was up early.
Had to streak & then get to Boot Camp.

Neighborhood watch

on our Streak.
I like how you can see her Fuzzy Fur
in the shadow

This is what I felt like doing…..but didn’t!

AFTER BOOT CAMP……still smiling!

Weasel & Chester sharing a bed.
They LOVE each other.

Visited friend Bruce at his new house in Doylestown.
(Linda sorry I just missed you!)

Bruce & Me in his new house!

Favorite room…..the BIKE ROOM!

The CONTINENTAL TAVERN was having a Tap Takeover.
Of course we took this as an opportunity to do a
Beer School Field Trip.

CHEERS to the Stone Tap Takeover

Me with friends Sue & Ken

STONE Tattoo

FUN with animals….

ran into friend Bryan from my stock exchange days.

(check out photo bomber lady, see her?)

It was a GOOD night 🙂
FUN was had by all. In abundance.

Happiness is not a goal.
It’s a byproduct of a life well lived.
~ Anna Eleanor Roosevelt

  1. That bike room makes me drooly!

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