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Tuesday 12/22/15 gym, Sands Casino, Stoke in Easton, VIZSLA Sweater

December 23, 2015

Tuesday 12/22/15

gym dandy…

EXERCISE is important to Happiness.
Are you getting your Daily Dose???

GOT this color manicure, the color is called:
Christmas Gone Plaid.

Visited my account at the Sands Casino
in Bethlehem

Found out they are building a new restaurant.
I need to get on that !!!
I need to help BUDDY discover wines
his customers will LOVE!

next stop was downtown EASTON.
where the Crayola factory is.

New restaurant opening up down this alley

STOKE coal fired pizza

She liked them ALL. woo hoo!

Michael bought me a VIZSLA SWEATER!!!

Better picture to follow…….

presents for the dogs from

GOT a dog?? order your food/treats/toys

Great prices/service!!

HOW to GROW yourself…….


“Don’t watch the clock;
do what it does. Keep going.”

~ friend Chris Wood

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