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12/23/15 Great Book, gym, VIzsla sweater, cousin Rose visit, dogs, beer school

December 24, 2015


My favorite new book that I just finished reading.
I am willing to lend it out if you would also like to read it.
I usually give my books away when I am finished reading them but I want to keep this one.
Let me know if YOU want to read it.
You WILL want to read it.

Scott’s “happiness formula”:

Eat Right
Get enough sleep.
Imagine an incredible future.
Work toward a Flexible Schedule.
Do things you can steadily improve at.
Help others. (one of my 8 commandments)
Reduce Daily decisions to Routine.

so simple, right?
one would think…….

Boot Camp before getting the day started!

The awesome VIZSLA sweater that Michael got me.
It has a story. I’ll tell you if you want to know.

A visit to cousin Rose Mary who is sick with bronchitis.
Merry Christmas!!!

Her apartment is in NJ &
She has a great view of the Philly Skyline.
(Especially on clear days!)

it was cool seeing this barge full of trains going
down the Delaware River

LOOK what Rose Mary has!!!

she uses them to color in her Adult Coloring Book!

sister Pat, Cousin Rose Mary (looking good for being sick)
& ME!

Weasel and our resident Frog (who is as big as a cantaloupe!) have STARING CONTESTS.
Weasel will stand there & literally stare for hours.

One of Mike’s presents I wrapped tonight.
pen pal Stefanie read it & liked it a lot.

I’m sure I’ll get to read it when Michael is finished with it.

friend Tanya with her pup Sweetie Pie.

” Ryker Long Dog”

DEB won the Beer School Prize!!!!

Congratulations Deb!!!

friend Carol from the gym gave me this box of cookies.
We almost ate the whole box!

Vizsla Elf on the Shelf!!


Every day may not be good but
there’s something good in every day.

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  1. I hope Mike likes the book! Merry Christmas!

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