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March 10th 2016 Weasel, Yianni’s, Bolete, PICASSA :( , fish rescue, beer school

March 13, 2016

March 10th 2016

Was a gorgeous day to go for a run.
Weasel is out of practice with the selfies.
Tasting appointment at Yianni’s today.
yummy Greek food & great wine!
a Spring tasting with Bolete.
fancy pants restaurant in Bethlehem.
Eat here if you get the chance. It’s GOOD!
We had to say GOOD BYE to Picassa today.
She was 18 years old & not doing well.
It’s weird not having a CAT in the house!
Doing a FISH rescue!!!

It jumped out of the pond into the rocks.

Beer that neighbor Deb brought back from Colorado
for Beer School. Too bad we can’t get it here.
We all liked it!
Earned a badge on UNTAPPD App!

We’re all going to make mistakes.
The question is
how are we going to recover
when we make them,
and are we going to be respectful
to others
when they make them?

~Walt Bettinger

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  1. Oh no! I am so sorry.

    • helcha8 permalink

      It’s ok. We’re sad 😹 but she was old & gave us a good 18 yrs. what more can we ask of our pets?

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